We have found that the synergy gained when our clients do what they do best (acquiring work) and we do what we do best (finding talent) results in extreme success. As such, our technical solutions have been in support of clients working for Federal Civilian Agencies, the Department of Defense, Intelligence Agencies, and State and Local Government.

Our clients include, but are not limited to, large businesses such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, EDS, Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, and Verizon.

References for any of our work is available upon request. In fact, we hope you will take the time to chat with our satisfied clients since we have found that they can usually sell our services better than we can!

Past Performance

AllStaff has provided support to most of the US Government Federal Agencies. Here is a sample of some of the work we have performed in the past few years.

Infrastructure Support

Application Development

Program Support

Client Successes

Case Study #1 - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Until recently, the Army Corps of Engineers had different contractors supporting their IT infrastructure at each of their 50+ sites spread throughout the country. Last year our client was awarded a contract to centralize and consolidate their entire enterprise.

Upon award, AllStaff assumed two distinct roles:

1) Project Management support of a total hardware refresh, consisting of PCs, Peripherals, and Wireless Devices. Our support included over 30 cleared Project Managers who traveled from site to site to oversee the refresh activities at each location; 20 traveling PC Technicians to help support the refresh; and additional PMO functions.

2) Operational Support to include Help Desk and Server Support at multiple sites spread throughout the US. We put close to 50 local technicians in over 35 states to help support the Corps' local operations, as well as maintain the data centers with Network, BES, SAN, and other hardware support.

Case Study #2 - Housing and Urban Development

Our client needed a quality subcontractor for their O&M contract at HUD. We started by providing one or two employees and when the contract hit some turbulence, AllStaff stepped in to keep the client fully staffed across their broad contract. We helped them with Mainframe Operations Windows and Unix Server Administration, Desktop Support, Network Engineering, Process Engineering (ISO Certification and Six Sigma), and PMO Office roles (Finance, HR, Subcontract Administration). Nearly 5 years later, we are still actively supporting the same program!

Contract Vehicles

While we traditionally have not supported the government directly, we have teamed with large business in pursuit of multiple vehicles, allowing them to leverage us as needed. If your government agency requires our support, you can easily engage us with any of the following vehicles: